Menghidupi mimpi-mimpi dan membaginya untuk kebaikan…

kutipan yang terbaca kembali

i lose my mind
each time i look at your eyes

Who knows how long I’ve loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to, I will.

Try to be sure right from the start
Yes only love can break your heart

please… stop pretending that u’re alright..

Always hard to make a change 
Just like how to stay the same

Sometimes love can feel like
The closest thing to heaven
It’s as sweet as summer rain
But it can hit you like a train
Fill your heart with pain
Some people will tell you
It’s the best thing for the heart
Yes what they fail to tell ya
It can tear your life apart
But you know..

Love is patient, love is kind. 
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, 
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.

just trying to define
The meaning of unconditional love 
always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…


Lesser Living For A Fuller Life
by: Dewi Lestari

Own less. Create more.
Buy less. Share more.
Work less. Play more.

Less media gazing. More sky gazing.
Less cellphone time. More reading time.
Less noise. More silence.

Less impulsive shopping. More frugal consuming.
Less wanting. More gratitude.
Less needing. More contentment.

Explain less. Act more.

Stress less. Laugh more.
Think less. Feel more.

Less promises. More surprises.
Less performances. More inquiries.
Less concepts. More experiments.

Answer less. Question more.
Comply less. Question more.
Believe less. Question more.

Less known. More unknown.
Less handed-down beliefs. More self-discoveries.
Less fixation. More freedom.

Talk less. Listen more.
Analyze less. Experience more.
Judge less. Observe more.
Less concrete. More soil

Less tabloids. More trees.
Less smoking sections. More fresh air.

Criticize less. Appreciate more.
Object less. Understand more.
Exclude less. Include more.

Less knowledgeable. More innocence.
Less target. More acceptance.
Less doing something. More doing nothing.

Attach less. Release more.
Ignore less. Meditate more.
Fear less. Breathe more.

Less addiction. More awareness.
Less norms. More conscience.
Less mindless. More mindfulness.

Setulus hatiku semua kuberi
Kepadamu yang slalu disini
Sejak lama hadirmu tlah kunanti
Kurindukan engkau disini

Bersamamu jelajahi duniaku
Takkan ragu bila kugenggam tanganmu
Bersamamu ingin kukenang hariku

– untukmu, duniaku-


Terjebak di lorong waktu
Hingga kelu biar ku membisu
Adakah luang tuk diriku mengadu

Hilang..kunanti suasana yang dahulu
Rindu..kunanti kembalinya hadirmu
Kutulis kata demi kata
Mungkin berharap kan bermakna
Kiasan tak sejujurnya terucap


you say what you want to say
your diamonds are drops of rain
your smile is your credit card
and your currency is your love
and the morning is for you
and the air is free
and the birds sing for you
and your positivity

Baby, you`re all that I want to be hold
Cause every time I close my eyes
You`re always being around in my mind

And if tears, are down in my arms
You`ll around me
Don`t you see, you`re heal my heart
From the pain..

Can`t you see how?
You are holding my mind
So please understand me
Can`t you feel how I`m living my life without you
So please don`t you leave me here

Baby, you`re all that I want to be here
Cause every time I close my eyes
You`re always spinning around in my mind 

I wanna live forever
Whom you realize forever means together

Merenungkanmu kini
menggugah haruku
berbagai kenangan berganti
masa yang t’lah lalu
sebenarnya ku ingin
menggali hasrat untuk kembali

Melukiskanmu lagi
di dalam benakku
perlahan terbayang pasti
garis wajahmu
kehangatan cinta kasih
dapat kubaca jelas di situ

Adakah waktu
mendewasakan kita
kuharap masih ada
hati bicara

Mungkinkah saja
terurai satu persatu
pertikaian yang dulu
bagai pintaku

Lihatlah ku disini
memendam rindu
setiap kuberseru
yang kusebut hanya namamu

Sebenarnya kuingin
menggali hasrat kembali
kuharap agar kau mengerti

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I’m afraid

To fall

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt

Suddenly goes away somehow

Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you?
I sing myself a quiet lullaby
Let you go and let the lonely in to take my heart again

Too afraid to go inside
For the pain of one more loveless night
But the loneliness will stay with me
And hold me ’til I fall asleep

I Know You Suffered
But I Don’t Want You To Hide
It’s Cold And Loveless
I Won’t Let You Be Denied

I’ll Make You Feel Pure
Trust Me I Can Be Cool And 
You Can Be Sure

I Want To Reconcile The Violence In Your Heart
I Want To Recognize Your Beauty Is Not Just A Mask
I Want To Exorcise The Demons From Your Past
I Want To Satisfy The Undisclosed Desires In Your Heart

You Trick Your Lovers That You’re Wicked And Divine
You May Be A Sinner
But Your Innocence Is Mine

Please Me
Show Me How It’s Done
Tease Me
You Are The One

You don’t even have to try, you already my number one

When I look into your photograph I’m loosing my grip to my reality

…when I just into you…

Selamat tidur, dan tinggalkan semua di sini…karena ini hanya sebuah cerita yang lain yang hanya bisa dilukis dalam selembar kanvas imaji…

too good to be true ^_^



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