Menghidupi mimpi-mimpi dan membaginya untuk kebaikan…

yearn…of the sky…

May I wondering the peak of mountain, whispering yearn to you… The cool breeze, the fresh air, the soil’s fragrance, the rain…let me close my eyes, to keep feel the warmth of yours…the beat of your heart…

I have to realize, I am here in the cube, stuck in the corner… Overcasting sky outside, the dreamer girl just starting to fly…catching the rainfall, dancing during the tears of the sky…getting deep to feel the skies feeling, bleeding… She graps the roses and let her little fingers pouring red wish could redeem the pain…

Keep dancing, spread the roses to the earth…no matter the thorn bring pain coz only she feels happy when the sky keep smiling…and let her dance along the air…in the sky’s warmth, wish the sky’s love embrace in her every step…keep her save, dance…and dance in peace…just only for the sky…

This is the dance of the yearning, on the only dream, coz when she back, she just a little gloomy crying fairy …catching the time back…that the most impossible thing she afford… Life is never as same as since she is a fairy loosing the rythm of the rain as her musical to her dance…

Rain… I’ll give everything you ask, no more questions no more argue, just let it rain fall once again…I’ll dance to the top of the mountain cheer you up untill my last breath…my last flesh…unity trough the air and disappear in the sky…

Let it be my destiny, become one with the air to coloring your scene…

I am the dreamer fairy, yearning in every breath of you…the Almighty…the sky…waiting the rain…

~I am the Dreamer Fairy~


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2011 by in Analogi Kau & Aku.
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